Between Love and Duty

Between Love and Duty by Sydney Lain

Book 1: Vampire Clans

Brett Underwood is a low-level vampire that hates fellow vice president Eric Turner. They are as opposite as night and day. He starts to dream of another person that looks just like him, a person that is in love with Eric. Now, every time he gets close to Eric, he can’t keep his hands to himself.

Eric has watched and protected Brett for most of the vampire’s life. He’s given him a new name and identity, trying to keep his painful past from awakening.

After being forced to spend time together, the sparks fly. Not the normal fist-pounding ones. The sexual attraction leaves them both wanting more. As Brett’s memories start to resurface, he begins to realize the extent Eric has gone to protect him. He starts to question Eric’s feelings. Does Eric really see him, or is he just an obligation that needs protecting?