Caleb's Avenger

Caleb's Avenger by Sydney Lain

Book 8: Space Warriors

Laird watched those closest to him die. Determined to make the man responsible pay, he’s become obsessed with obtaining revenge. Caleb is investigating the disappearance of people taken off the streets when Laird enters his life.

During a confrontation with street thugs, his mate runs away, leaving Caleb to face the danger alone. Determined to read beneath the surface and learn the truth about the man he’s falling in love with, Caleb sets out to discover Laird’s secrets, but Caleb ends up in mess after mess after Laird continues to leave him in the middle of different disasters.

How can love survive without trust? With Laird’s need to make the man responsible for his pain pay, he slowly destroys the relationship he’s building with the warrior that’s making him feel whole again. Will Caleb learn to see through Laird’s lies in time to save his life?