Byron's Second Chance

Byron's Second Chance by Sydney Lain

Book 12: Space Warriors

Byron lost his lover during a failed mission. Unable to let go and forgive his actions, he won’t open his heart and love someone new.

Trey lived a sheltered life before leaving to explore the universe. He has never known love, but when he sees Byron through the window of Dragon’s Bar, Trey’s heart beats faster. Trey gets a job at the bar and sets out to seduce Byron, but he bumps into wall after wall and is unable to get Byron to open his heart.

When Trey’s past catches up to him, Byron must protect him from danger. However, in order to do that, Byron must put aside his fear to keep the man he’s fallen in love with safe. Will Byron save Trey in time or will fear of losing someone he loves and doubt over his ability keep Byron from acting before it’s too late?