Grant's Submissive Side

Grant's Submissive Side by Sydney Lain

Book 4: Supernatural Society Mates

Grant Morris knows what it’s like to be alone. His mother abandoned him, his father died, and his cousin Toby has moved to another territory. To make matters worse, his evil uncle locked him up and threatened to torture him. After escaping, he only has one place to go: to his mate, a man that wants nothing to do with him.

Mason Draegyn let the supernatural race down. Twenty-five years ago, a box that contained a hidden power was stolen from him. Unable to forgive himself and move on, he’s pushed away the one person that could help him move forward: his mate.

When Grant learns that Mason has denied him for over three years, the hurt and loneliness threatens to rip him apart. Used to people leaving him, he won’t wait for Mason to push him away. This time he’ll be the one leaving. Can these two work through their problems, or will they continue to push each other away?