Unwrapping the Omega

Unwrapping the Omega by Sydney Lain

Book 1: Omegas in Hiding

At Sterling Enterprises, Christmas is just another nose-to-the-grindstone day. CEO Alex Sterling has heard the rumor that half his accounting department is in therapy, but he doesn’t care. He pays for perfection, and expects nothing less. Especially of himself.

Work keeps him from focusing on the fact he’s an alpha wolf alone, with no family—or male omega mate—by his side. He’s lusted after his personal assistant for some time, but Jonah is the straightest human male on the planet.

Jonah Smith escaped a pack that passed omegas around like sex slaves, but now he’s in a different kind of prison. His human form. His nondescript appearance makes it easy to hide in the crowded city, at least when his wolf isn’t trying to go into heat.

When Alex discovers Jonah curled up helplessly around his jacket, he realizes Jonah isn’t human at all. He’s an omega in heat—and Alex’s mate. But Jonah’s deception is slowly destroying his body. To save his fragile omega, Alex is going to have to tenderly dismantle the walls around both their hearts. One painful brick at a time.