Zed's Dishonest Mate

Zed's Dishonest Mate by Sydney Lain

Book 5: Supernatural Society Mates

Zed and the leader of the elf territory have bickered back and forth for centuries. During one forced meeting, he meets the elf king’s son, Luka, a spoiled elf that doesn’t seem to care about anything.

Luka lives a tortured life, forced to play a game he doesn’t know how to stop playing. He longs for his mate to love him. One day he meets Zed, but his mate is not the loving man that has invaded his dreams night after night. After being burned over and over again, Zed demands that everyone in his life be honest.

After years of abuse, Luka doesn’t trust anyone. While waiting for Zed to hurt him, Luka tells his mate things he thinks Zed wants to hear. Can Zed learn to forgive all the lies? Will Luka learn to trust Zed with his heart?