Theo's Kitten

Theo's Kitten by Sydney Lain

Book 3: Space Warriors

Kaden, a cat shifter abandoned by everyone, ends up locked in a cage after being captured in feline form.

When Theo sets out to find his brother, he comes across a cat belonging to the missing man. The little thing is a snarling, hissing animal determined to make his life a living hell. It’s up to Theo to find the man hiding beneath fur, sharp teeth and a tail.

The instant attraction terrifies Kaden, so he lashes out and attacks, hoping to get away from the warrior before the pieces of his heart are shattered beyond repair.

Can Kaden learn to trust Theo’s words? No one has ever wanted to keep him before. After discovering that he’s Theo’s lifemate, he tries to be strong. After all, the warrior values strength above all else. Can Theo convince Kaden that’s he’s perfect just the way that he is? Or will Kaden’s insecurities force them apart?