Jarred's Assistant

Jarred's Assistant by Sydney Lain

Book 9: Space Warriors

Jarred Jules, the universe’s top businessman, get things done and seizes what he wants. Then Rory enters his life.

Rory finally found his place as Jarred’s assistant. For years, he’s resisted his boss’s advances. As the years pass, Jarred becomes harder to resist. One night Rory gives into temptation and spends a magical night with the warrior who makes his heart thump faster. He never hoped for more than a single night, but one time shakes up his entire life.

Jarred wanted Rory since the day they met. Rory’s his mate and Jarred is determined to win him over without relying on their bond. After one night with Rory, Jarred thinks their future together is set until Rory starts running.

Rory can’t imagine a future with a man as powerful as Jarred. Determined to keep his heart from breaking, he pushes Jarred away, but his boss won’t let him go. Will Rory discover his worth and give Jarred a chance?