The Admiral's Mate

The Admiral's Mate by Sydney Lain

Book 5: Space Warriors

Creel Stark always felt like an outsider in Warsarian society. He never measured up and his family hated him because of it. Instead of trying to fit in, Creel left before his secret was exposed. He can see the future, a rare Warsarian ability that, if discovered, would limit his freedom.

Admiral Zeith Stern is the Warsarian king’s uncle and head of the military. He doesn’t respect non-warriors. It’s survival of the fittest, and all warriors need to be prepared for battle. Those beliefs are challenged when Creel enters his life.

Creel has a vision and uses his ability to save Zeith’s life, which causes Zeith to question the real strength of a warrior. Will these two be able to work together and stop a dangerous group from attacking their home planet? Opposites attract and passions ignite, but can Creel and Zeith accept each other or will their different beliefs drive them apart?