Earning Their Mate's Trust

Earning Their Mate's Trust by Sydney Lain

Book 1: Half Demon Mates

Damon, half demon and half human, can’t feel strong emotions. Michael is a wolf shifter chased from his pack. Together they search for their third mate.

Drawn to a rundown diner in the middle of nowhere, they discover the cute and innocent waiter is the person they’ve been searching for, but Jessie has his own secrets and a group of hunters, men that track and kill nonhumans, have targeted him.

When Damon and Michael arrive inside his workplace, Jessie instantly recognizes them. After all, they’ve invaded his dreams for weeks promising forbidden pleasure, but when he sees them in person, he’s not sure he’s ready for an intense sexual relationship with two men. While his heart pulls him closer, his mind can’t trust these two, but each day the sexual pull gets harder to resist.Can he get over his fear and let two men into his heart?