Thorne's First Love

Thorne's First Love by Sydney Lain

Book 13: Space Warriors

Thorne, a well-known playboy, never has a problem getting a man into bed. He is rich, powerful with royal blood. Then Kip enters his life and everything changes. The attraction is instant, but his normal seduction techniques don’t work.

Kip trained to protect and guard his friend, Trey. Sold into slavery by his parents, Kip knows his place. He needs little and asks for nothing. When Trey finds his mate, Kip no longer has a purpose.

Thorne tries to help Kip move on and find a new place in the universe, but Thorne wants to take care of him. Kip doesn’t know how to let go and let someone help him. He tries to push Thorne away, but Thorne’s not giving up. Kip belongs to him and Thorne’s determined to win over his heart.