Jacob's Conflicted Heart

Jacob's Conflicted Heart by Sydney Lain

Book 2: Supernatural Society Mates

Jacob White has been in love with Zed, the vampire prince, for almost five years. Zed sees Jacob as a child, but determined to show Zed he’s dependable and strong, Jacob starts investigating the drugs coming into Zed’s territory.

Griffin Lyons left the shifter territory and became head of Roman Walker’s security. Being away from the lion pride has left him longing for a connection as the loneliness eats away at him. After Roman assigns Griffin to look into the drug situation within Zed’s territory, he meets his mate—Jacob White.

After the investigation forces Griffin to return to the shifter’s territory, Jacob’s support and kindness help him move past the pain and focus on the future. He starts to put the hurt behind him, but when he learns that Jacob loves someone else, the relationship takes a turn for the worse.