Bishop's Forgiving Mate

Bishop's Forgiving Mate by Sydney Lain

Book 6: Supernatural Society Mates

Avery became a doctor to ease a guilty conscience. For years he’s tried to block out the past to keep the pain away. With Bishop back in his life, he tries to keep the wall protecting his heart from breaking.

Bishop’s one of the oldest vampires in existence. He’s second in command of a territory and loyal to Zed, the vampire prince. Eighteen years ago, Bishop forced Avery to choose between living with the elves or a life with him.

Eighteen years later, Zed’s mate needs a doctor and Avery moves into vampire territory. With Bishop close by, the sparks sizzle between them. Bishop tries to make amends, but Avery has changed from innocent and naive to a jaded and distant person. Can Bishop break through the wall surrounding Avery’s heart?

The road to forgiveness and finding a happily ever after is blocked by secrets. Can these two work through the pain or will the past keep them apart?