Roman's Silent Mate

Book 1: Supernatural Society Mates

Roman Walker left the demon realm to search for his mate in the human world. When he arrived half a century ago, the human world was chaotic with supernaturals challenging and killing each other. After working to build a stable world, Roman still dreams of finding his mate.

Micah Evans refuses to love anyone. With everyone he’s ever cared for dead, he believes his love is bad luck. Living on the streets, Micah walks a lonely path as he hides from vampires and shifters out to get him.

One dark night, Roman saves Micah from an attack. Discovering his mate should be a happy time, but Roman now needs to convince his human mate that love is worth it. If that wasn’t bad enough, he has to keep the supernatural world from falling apart and his mate safe from shifters and vampires. Worst of all, Micah continues to hide the reason he’s being hunted.