Learning to Love

Learning to Love by Sydney Lain

Book 2: Half Demon Mates

Shea never wanted to be a wolf shifter. After an attack, he’s turned into one and is forced to live with a wolf inside of him.Ignoring the wolf leaves him on the verge of losing control.

Viktor, a half-demon, has lived alone for three hundred years, searching for his mates. When he meets Shea, he’s stunned by the numerous insults directed at him. When Viktor takes a step closer, he discovers that the man with the crude tongue is one of his two mates.

Gunner was created in a lab. He’s a hunter that kills nonhumans. A few years ago, he freed a wolf shifter. That wolf shifter awakened a protective need within in. Ever since then, he’s longed to hold him, but Gunner won’t dirty him with his bloodstained hands.

Can these three men find common ground and make their relationship work or will their self-hatred keep them from letting love into their lives?