The Captain's Mate

The Captain's Mate by Sydney Lain

Book 1: Space Warriors

Zander is on the run from an evil uncle that plans to sell him into slavery. Stuck on a space station, he meets a warrior that stirs desire and lust, rattling him to the core.

Captain Tyran Holder longs to find his lifemate. After years of hard sexual play, he’s ready for something more. Then his dream comes true when a man falls into his life. He recognizes Zander as his lifemate and offers the difficult brat an indecent proposal, a way off the space station and to protect him from the bounty hunters chasing him by becoming his contracted lover.

Zander is reluctant at first. The intense sexual attraction shakes his world, but he accepts the offer and indulges in a little hard play as Tyran breathes life into his sexual fantasies, but he wants more. Will this warrior turn his dreams into reality or into nightmares?