Marek's Doctor

Marek's Doctor by Sydney Lain

Book 7: Space Warriors

Dr. Seth Runner doesn’t trust people. He is the only doctor on The Defiant, the flagship of the Warsarian space force, until Marek Grander walks into his medical wing. Now he has to share space with a man that not only outranks Seth but turns out to be his mate.

Marek is ready to stake his claim and take what belongs to him. Refusing to submit to Marek’s advances, Seth keeps his distance. He learned a long ago that men can’t be trusted. They lie, spread rumors, and have destroyed Seth’s reputation. But Marek doesn’t care about Seth’s past. He wants to be part of Seth’s future.

Before Marek can get Seth to open up and accept him, he has to earn the doctor’s trust. But Seth has been hurt too many times. He’s an outsider that pushes everyone away. Can Seth learn to open his heart and trust the man who wants to love him?