Dragon's Bar

Dragon's Bar by Sydney Lain

Book 11: Space Warriors

Dragon has killed a lot of people during his Warsarian military service. Trying to get away from death, Dragon retired and lives a quiet life as a bar owner. The last thing he wants is a fragile human mate.

Kern doesn’t trust people. When he stumbles into Dragon’s Bar, Dragon helps him, but Kern knows everyone has a price. While recovering, he waits for Dragon to demand sex or money, but when the warrior only wants to protect him, Kern starts to trust Dragon.

When Kern’s past charges back into his life and Dragon gets caught in the crossfire, Kern seeks revenge by killing the man that attacked Dragon. Can Dragon stop Kern from making a big mistake or will Kern’s hands become blood soaked? But how can a man that’s killed so many people reason with someone who hasn’t killed before? Can two opposites find common ground and learn to trust and love each other or will their pasts come between them?