The King's Mate

The King's Mate by Sydney Lain

Book 2: Space Warriors

King Kwan rules with an iron fist. With advisors questioning his every move, he sees people as greedy. When a slave appears before him willing to sacrifice his freedom to save his brother, Kwan knows the man belongs to him. He’ll do everything in his power to save his mate even if it goes against the best interest of his people.

Alex never stood up for himself because his brother always protected him. When King Kwan threatens them, he steps forward, willing to sacrifice his freedom to save his brother. Being claimed by a king thrills and scares him. Kwan breaths life into his fantasies, but he’s a king, a man Alex doesn’t deserve.

Alex questions his place in Kwan’s life. Being an uneducated former slave, can Alex see what Kwan sees and discover his own worth? Can he convince Kwan to rule from the heart? Will they ever find common ground to achieve the happy ending they both crave?